Federal Election 2019 - Farrer


Ross Hamilton

Albury, NSW

Ross stood for Sustainable Australia Party in the 2019 NSW election in the seat of Albury and achieved around 7% of the vote.

A relative newcomer to Albury, Ross grew up in the leafy outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne. While his home suburb once offered the opportunity to raise a family with a garden and quiet streets, the quarter acre blocks are steadily being over developed and priced out of reach of young Australians.Β 

Ross moved to Albury in 2017 and enjoys the access to the outdoors offered by regional living. Upon arriving, he was astounded to hear that locals go camping 15 minutes from home and rarely know the frustration of having to wait for more than one red light in a day. Ross would like to see this precious lifestyle protected for future generations.Β 

Professionally, Ross works as an osteopath and would like to see health services improved in rural and regional areas.


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