SA Candidates - Federal Election

South Australia

Senate (Upper House)

Elise Michie

Elise Michie grew up and attended school in Adelaide’s north-western suburbs before relocating south of the city four years ago. She has a love for South Australia’s natural areas from coast to bush, enjoying both days at the beach and hikes through the state’s national parks. Through exploring these beautiful spaces, she has developed an appreciation for the efforts of community members who protect them. Elise is passionate about amplifying the voices of these communities. 

Elise is a student of conservation and ecosystem management and enjoys contributing her time to various land-care projects. She also loves Adelaide’s arts scene and the atmosphere created by the heritage buildings within the city. A passionate conservationist, Elise wants to ensure we protect our environment and stop overdevelopment to conserve the unique character our state has to offer.

Elise aims to serve her community to help build an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable South Australia. Her top priority is to make parliament sit up and listen to evidence-based policy recommendations from the scientific community on all matters.

Jack Duxbury

Jack Duxbury is a 20-year-old economics and politics student who’s passionate about the environment. He is excited to represent SA Party, and to do his bit to help create a sustainable Australia for all of us. When he's not on the campaign trail, you can find jack on a bush-walking trail or a bike path.

Campaign issues and policies

In the 2022 federal election, Sustainable Australia Party candidates are campaigning to protect our environment, stop overdevelopment and stop corruption:

Protect our environment

  • Further protections for marine sanctuaries including a ban on fossil fuel exploration in the Great Australian Bight and support for it to be World Heritage listed 
  • Increase SA’s biodiversity through ecological restoration and rewilding programs and land stewardship grants 
  • Champion action on climate change by continuing South Australia’s uptake of renewable energy through subsidies for research and development of new and affordable technologies 
  • Strive for a comprehensive and permanent solution for Australia’s nuclear waste rather than the federal government’s temporary and hazardous proposal for a Kimba facility 

Stop overdevelopment

  • Tackle the current housing affordability crisis, not through evermore urban infill and sprawl, but by banning further foreign ownership of properties, reducing the capital gains tax concessions, and by stabilising population size 
  • Fund the preservation and regeneration of tree-canopies in built-up urban areas to increase the liveability of our cities  

Stop corruption

  • Legislate transparent and timely reporting of all political lobbying and donations  
  • Strive for the establishment of a federal Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC) to expose political misconduct, corruption and funding rorts

And much more. including:

  • Affordable housing for first home buyers and renters

SAP's state and federal policy platform can be found here:


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