WA Candidates - Federal Election

Western Australia

Senate (Upper House)

Yasmin Bartlett

An Environmentalist and former Local Government Councillor.

Yasmin obtained a bachelor’s degree from the University of Western Australia in the field of Science (Health & Exercise). As an experienced teacher in both the private and public system, Yasmin understands the importance of Education and Training.

Yasmin has also worked in the disability sector, retail/manufacturing and tourism. She brings with her a broad understanding of the many facets that contribute to a well-functioning society.

During her term, Councillor Yasmin Bartlett worked tirelessly and represented the community on a broad range of committees and working groups. Yasmin was a strong advocate for improving compliance across the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework and was central to Council’s decision to dedicate significant resources in this area. Having been instrumental in changing the local government culture to give the real power back to the community, Yasmin now seeks to influence federal government policies to ensure the Australian people determine their country's future and not the vested interests of the few.

Yasmin topped biology for two years during her early academic years. Her comprehension of ecosystems enables her to understand the critical importance of maintaining our biodiversity and ensuring Australia progresses into a “renewables” economy. Yasmin walks the talk having built an award winning energy efficient home where she practices sustainable living and enjoys bush walking with her Labrador.

Colin Scott

Colin Scott is a 6th generation Western Australian. He lives in North Perth with his wife of 28 years, and 18 yr old son who is a trades apprentice.

Colin believes in the value and social gain of volunteering and has recently celebrated 20 years of continuous community work, whereby he was given the once in a lifetime opportunity to carry the Commonwealth Games baton of 2018, in Perth.
He believes in a healthy environment for healthy living, as he has a background and qualifications in health service and health education.

Colin and wife Heather have also run a small business in North Perth for many years and strive for good practice, quality workmanship and are well regarded for their customer service.

Good governance of any form requires continuous scrutiny by the people. Colin has decided to attempt to be part of a team of ordinary citizens who will question the decision making of our House of Parliament. He feels that the generations who have come before him are owed due diligence. The generations who come after are owed the same.


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