Tas Candidates - Federal Election


Senate (Upper House)

Todd Dudley

Todd lives in north east Tasmania and has a long history of involvement in nature conservation and land use planning.

He has 35 years experience in on ground bush regeneration/ecological restoration ranging from managing small urban bushland parks to landscape scale restoration of pine plantations back to native forest. He has extensive expertise in environmental law (including land use planning), environmental education and advocacy for nature conservation such as creating new reserves.

Todd believes we urgently need to address the causes of environmental decline in Australia and that this requires a range of complimentary solutions including stabilising our population at a ecologically sustainable level.

Christopher Maclay

Dr. Christopher Maclay is a General Practitioner with a lifelong interest in sustainability, health, population, economy and society. His interests include sustainable farming, permaculture, preventative health care, nutritional and environmental medicine.

Christopher believes that our Federal Parliament needs to take a longer term view on policy making with sustainability as the core goal of a positive long term outlook. Today, the traditional parties lack the flexibility necessary to react to the emerging reality: a reality of rapid resource depletion, environmental degradation and societal fragmentation. Sustainable Australia offers a centrist sensible pathway to stabilising our society - our rapidly growing population, our resource and capital misallocation, our housing crisis and the decline and neglect of our regional areas. Christopher lives with his partner in the Huon Valley.


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