SA Candidates - Federal Election

South Australia

Senate (Upper House)

Graham Davies

Fellow of Engineers Australia, former VP Conservation Council SA, former National Chair of Sustainable Engineering Society

Graham has had senior leadership and board roles in small business, community groups and the corporate sector and was a former candidate and Energy/Environment spokesman for Xenophon’s SA BEST.

Graham is a chartered engineer with extensive experience in energy, resources, manufacturing, transport, health and defence. This diverse experience across a number of countries has facilitated the presentation of papers on technology, sustainability and economics. He has been a strong advocate for an holistic approach to sustainability including living within our planetary boundaries and looking at long term prosperity for all rather than short term economic gain for a few – including being a key author of Engineers Australia’s climate and sustainability policies.

Graham has tackled issues of justice, inequality, lack of transparency and accountability particularly in regard to corporate/government special deals, which have taken the ‘demos’ out of democracy.

Politics is about how we as a society govern ourselves, how decisions made in parliament affect your everyday activities including home affordability, jobs, planning and a healthy and sustainable environment.

Robyn Coleman

Robyn is a business consultant with a strong background in human resources, working in both the public and private sectors. She is passionate about conservation and in protecting our environment and diversity of our plant, native species and the treatment and care of all animals. Over the years Robyn has seen many changes and is concerned that the current political climate is not receptive to everyday Australians. In her spare time, Robyn enjoys listening to live 50-70’s bands, rock’n’roll dancing, reading and catching up with family and friends.