NSW Candidates - Federal Election

New South Wales

Senate (Upper House)

William Bourke

William is president and founder of Sustainable Australia.

William has completed a bachelor of business (accounting and finance) and master of business (marketing). He has extensive business experience including as a partner in a marketing small business for over 10 years, and previous experience in accounting and government communications. He has travelled widely including in Asia, North America and Europe, and lived in a number of places in Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and North Queensland.

William enjoys nature, bushwalking, beaches, running and travelling. He grew up on the urban fringe with bushland as his extended backyard and weekend recreation. He wants to ensure that we fulfil our primary moral responsibility to pass on an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable Australia to our children and grandchildren.

William is equally concerned about economic, environmental and social issues. Particular concerns include the decline of Australian manufacturing and economic diversity, the destruction of our natural and built environments, and the housing affordability crisis locking many out of the great Australian dream.

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Warren Grzic

Warren has been a passionate political commentator and activist for over twenty years. Borne out of frustration at how successive governments have favoured motorways and overdevelopment over expanding public transport, to the detriment of society's environment and people, he has written submissions and opinions, and actively supported candidates fighting for change.
Having frequently taken trips to regional Australia, Warren seeks to develop a better understanding of challenges facing the bush and how to address the trends of neglect and dwindling populations. He seeks to find ways to improve the needs of people living outside major cities. Warren's hobbies include reading, writing, walking, acting in amateur musical theatre, and playing in a community concert band.

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