Cootamundra 2023 - Sustainable Australia Party

Legislative Assembly (Lower House)

Cootamundra candidate - Chris O'Rourke

Chris spent his formative years on a farm on the edge of the Liverpool Plains and has lived most of his life in the country. He clearly remembers his father telling him that further west, “the country is too marginal” to make a living. That was in the 1960s! He became disillusioned with the big political parties (and the big banks) more than twenty years ago and since that time has voted and banked accordingly.

Chris has two key priorities. First, to ensure that the interests of everyone are taken into account in planning decisions whether in a local community, at state or national level. Secondly he wants to focus on the quality of life, rather than on material standard of living. He would like to see a more diversified economy which relies less on property speculation and more on creative, sustainable ventures which will enhance the nation’s intellectual capital. A recently retired teacher who has a strong interest in the performing arts, Chris now has more time to contribute to the local community.

Legislative Council (Upper House)

  • Lead candidate - Councillor William Bourke

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