Coffs Harbour 2023 - Sustainable Australia Party

Legislative Assembly (Lower House)

Coffs Harbour candidate - Ruth Cully

Ruth is a former industrial chemist and performance auditor. She recalls, as a child, being shocked by images of the Biafran famine, and being motivated to study science as a means of ending global hunger and poverty. Five decades later, Ruth is concerned about: (1) the extent to which human activity is undermining the life support systems of the planet; and (2) the scale of suffering in a world of dwindling resources, rising pollution and inequity. The growth paradigm has failed. Unfettered economic and population growth has concentrated wealth in the hands of a few, at the cost of the environment and leaving most people worse off. Cheap imports are no substitute for housing security and sustainable farming. Our children and grandchildren are inheriting a climate crisis, a housing crisis, a cost-of-living crisis, stagnant wages, and overstretched hospitals, education, aged care and infrastructure. I decided to stand for the Coffs region because the Sustainable Australia Party tackles the root cause of our problems, not just the symptoms.

Legislative Council (Upper House)

  • Lead candidate - Councillor William Bourke

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