Want my kids to enjoy the quality of life I grew up with... or even better.

Human overpopulation and its global impact has concerned me since the 90s, when I presented a speech on this issue in a final year university subject. The class agreed with the points I made, but it is a topic I have rarely seen anyone else raise, with the exceptions of Dick Smith and now the team at Sustainable Australia.

I genuinely want future generations of my family to continue to enjoy food/water security, affordable living, plenty of room and a clean, healthy environment. These things are ever more under threat. Even in regional areas suburban blocks are now pathetically small and everyday living costs rise, leaving less space and money to enjoy the good things in life.

I am grateful there is now a political party that not only acknowledges and shares my concerns but makes addressing these issues a core tenet.

  • commented on Local Networking - Griffith (NSW) 2017-11-23 19:08:15 +1100
    This event is back on for December and I will be there!
    Anyone in Griffith, Leeton, Coleambally and surrounding areas with a passion for all things sustainable is welcome to join us for a coffee and meet others with similar interests.

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    Checked out local events page and noticed not much happening in the inland regions as yet. Closest to my location is Albury, a few hours away. Are there many other new members joining up further west in the Riverina? Apparently there are a handful of farms somewhere out this way (Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area) also in Coleambally Irrigation Area, which rotate crops, don’t spray, etc so perhaps there are people who know a bit about cleaner and more sustainable agricultural methods in this part of the country.


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Carl Kendall

Former research scientist, project manager, investor... now a barista. Interests incl writing, food, wine, sustainable landscape and garden design.