Cessnock 2023 - Sustainable Australia Party

Legislative Assembly (Lower House)

Cessnock candidate - Graham Jones

Raised on a cattle station in Australia’s arid centre, Graham has lived resource management and the value of long-term planning.
When wet seasons are separated by years, and the nearest town a good half day drive on dirt roads, we had to live and work sustainably... although we never thought of it that way, common sense would be a better term. We relied on the land to hold water, to feed our cattle and horses, to produce fresh fruit and veg, so we treated the land right, and it would reward us."

Graham has since moved into the technology sector, providing specialist RF communications services to both underground mines and remote communities. This has taken him around the globe and given witness to the varying degrees of government policies, good and bad, with respect to population, housing, environment, and resources.
"Inevitably all of these conversations come back to innovation with the limiting factors being money and technology. Our society is increasingly materialist, convinced that the next shiny innovation is the silver bullet to all our problems. More, bigger, newer, doesn't always mean better".

Graham believes a better Australia can be achieved through innovative thinking; and the science which proves fact.
“We’re not just a country of primary resources, we’re a nation of minds that brought to the world such innovations as Permaculture, Wi-Fi, Google maps, polymer bank notes, and the iconic Hills Hoist, to name but a few. As a nation we need to be celebrating and encouraging our own minds and capabilities, this starts by looking after our people.”

A lover of the outdoors, once he pulls off his steel cap boots, Graham keenly submerges himself in his passions of scuba diving, exploring the tracks least travelled, and working with animals. He's a rugby tragic, an avid reader, and a mediocre chess player. At the heart of all this, Graham has a passion for Australia, the natural beauty, immense history and culture, the elements that make Australia unique among nations. 

Australia is a very special place and is why Graham became involved with Sustainable Australia Party.
"Sustainable Australia Party ground it’s policies in science and take the long-term view. A little fewer emotionally driven promises floating around the political arena is refreshing.”

Legislative Council (Upper House)

  • Lead candidate - Councillor William Bourke

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