Candidates - 2018 Victorian State Election


Legislative Council (Upper House)

Eastern Metropolitan Region

1. Lynnette Saloumi

An Eastern Metropolitan resident of 22 years, Lynnette was elected Councillor following several years as Monash Ratepayers’ spokesperson. 

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2. Perrin Wilkins


Eastern Victoria Region

1. Reade Smith 

Reade Smith is a former Senior Constable with the Victoria Police, having been stationed at a number of Police Stations including nearly five years at Frankston. He retired from The Victoria Police to manage a Frankston based youth leadership and empowerment program called Youth At Risk. Reade has 12 years local government experience as a former Shire Councillor with Mornington Peninsula Shire Council from 2000 to 2012 and was Mayor in 2005.

2. Donna Hannaford


Northern Metropolitan Region

1. Mark McDonald

Mark McDonald is an IT engineer and lives in Preston. He has travelled extensively and lived overseas in several places including India and Europe. Mark enjoys experiencing different cultures and is passionate about affordable housing, a sustainable environment and population, energy security and sensible public asset ownership. Mark recently ran for Sustainable Australia as the Federal candidate for the Batman by-election.

2. William Clow


Northern Victoria Region

1. Madeleine Wearne

Madeleine has a lifelong interest in the natural environment and has bought, revegetated and managed a range of conservation properties. Madeleine has established many likeminded contacts through both her professional and personal involvement with a variety of local, national and international environmental and humanitarian organisations.  Through these contacts, she has determined that many people have grave concerns about unsustainable population growth, overdevelopment, affordable and plentiful housing and loss of biodiversity.  She currently lives in NE Victoria and is involved in regenerative agriculture.

2. Ian Chivers


South-Eastern Metropolitan Region

1. Anthony Cresswell 

Anthony is a finance professional with over 10 years experience working as an analyst for a number of private companies and government institutions including the Department of treasury and finance (Victoria). Anthony has university qualifications in both Commerce and statistics. Most recently Anthony worked as a fleet risk specialist for a multi-national leasing company.

2. Daryl Budgeon


Southern Metropolitan Region

1. Clifford Hayes

Clifford has spent over forty years in the film and television industry as an editor and producer. He has worked for a large television production company in the early days of his career after which, he freelanced and worked for production and post-production companies, including directing his own company. Clifford entered politics when he was elected to Council in 2005 for the City of Bayside, on the sole issue of opposing high rise development which was a major issue at that time in his neighbourhood. He went on to become Mayor of Bayside, always fighting for better planning and infrastructure outcomes and pointing to rapid population and immigration growth problem.

2. Cathryn Houghton


Western Metropolitan Region

1. Allan Doensen

Allan is a software engineer & business owner with significant experience in the technology sector. As a parent, Allan wants his children to be able to afford a comfortable home, to enjoy the wonders of our natural environment & to breath clean air. He believes that to maintain Australia's quality of life we need to place sustainability at the heart of everything that we do. He wants to change our governance to sustainably manage our population, our environment, our climate & our finite resources. He believes that Sustainable Australia's policies are the best way of achieving this.

2. Richard Belcher


Western Victoria Region

1. Robert Pascoe

Rob Pascoe is a farmer, businessman and entrepreneur in the sustainability and recycling industry. Rob is director of Closed Loop Recycling which is active in diverting organic waste away from landfill. Rob owns and runs The Farmer’s Place and was winner of 2015 Geelong Business Excellence Award for Sustainable Business.

2. Christopher Lynch


Legislative Assembly (Lower House)

Albert Park - Steven Armstrong

Bentleigh - Hans Verzijl

Brighton - Alison Pridham

Burwood - Andrew Williams

Caulfield - Aviya Bavati

Hawthorn - Sophie Paterson

Kew - Paolo Scaturchio

Malvern - Michaela Moran

Oakleigh - Brandon Hoult

Prahran - Dennis Bilic

Sandringham - Creighton King