Where is Sustainable Australia standing candidates?

In order to focus our resources we have nominated the following electorates: Senate - ACT, NSW, QLD, VIC. House of Representatives - Sydney. How to vote / Preferences? CLICK HERE

William Bourke, NSW Lead Senate Candidate

Twitter: @William_Bourke


In 2009, William heard then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd declare his support for "a big Australia" with a population of 40 million. He was shocked to discover that the Liberal/National, Labor and Greens parties also supported very high immigration and rapid population growth. This galvanised him into action and in 2010 he founded what is now the Sustainable Australia party.

William maintains that rapid population growth in Australia, delivered mainly through an unsustainably high annual immigration intake, is a root cause of many problems that Australians are experiencing. He suggests lowering the annual immigration intake is essential to tackling chronic problems of road congestion, housing affordability, under-employment, government debt, and the destruction of our natural and built environments.

William is a partner in a marketing small business that has been operating for more than 10 years. He was awarded a Bachelor of Business at RMIT and Master of Business, Marketing at University of Technology Sydney. He has lived in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and North Queensland and travelled widely including through Asia, North America and Europe. When he is not asking for the vote for a Sustainable Australia, William enjoys bushwalking, beaches and running.

The NSW Senate candidate list also includes Greg Graham. 


Georgia Nicholls, Victoria Lead Senate Candidate

Twitter: @GNicholls_SAus


Georgia’s professional life has included public service for Victorian Departments and the not-for-profit sector.  She is contesting the 2016 federal election to enter the Senate with a determination to shape a better future for the people of Victoria, and Australians generally.

Georgia fears future generations will be hard done by if the current players in Canberra are left to their own devices. She understands the Big Parties are turning deaf ears to public demands for better, more liveable cities, not bigger ones. Georgia is aware too many cars are stuck in traffic going nowhere, and the great Australian dream of home ownership is not an option for many trying to break into the property market. Georgia wants to work for economic, environmental and social sustainability for Victorians, and more widely throughout Australia.

Georgia was awarded a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, History and Politics from Monash University and is currently completing a Master of Business Administration at Melbourne Business School. When she is not asking for the vote for a Sustainable Australia, Georgia enjoys watching her beloved Melbourne Demons.

The Victorian Senate candidate list also includes Steven Armstrong.


Kris Spike, NSW Candidate for the Seat of Sydney


Born in Sydney, Kris Spike is a composer, teacher and sustainability advocate who feels very strongly that the laudable efforts of environment groups will never succeed until the population issue is resolved and stabilised. As well as composing and performing his music as a way to reach people with this message, Kris has had a long involvement with many environmental groups in Sydney and throughout NSW. Kris is a keen bushwalker and is passionate about protecting Australia’s biodiversity from the damage caused by our high immigration-fed rapid population growth.


John Roles, QLD Lead Senate Candidate


John is a founding member of the party, bringing extensive insight into party positioning in the areas of energy and public infrastructure. Born and raised in Brisbane, John was awarded an Engineering degree from the University of Queensland which enabled him to enjoy 30 years of designing and building energy projects both in Australia and internationally. It was while John led an engineering division of a national company that he had a change of heart that altered the course of both his personal and professional life.

John is of the view that no matter what infrastructure gets built, it will never be enough to address the universal problem of unsustainable population growth and the economic, environmental and social issues that come with it. When he is not asking for the vote for a Sustainable Australia, John is conducting PhD research into energy economics at the University of Queensland.

The Queensland Senate candidate list also includes Matt Moran.


John Haydon, ACT Lead Senate Candidate


John knows a lot about the unsustainable immigration intake into Australia, having held senior positions during his 25 years with the federal Department of Immigration, and as well as the Bureau of Statistics. He holds three university degrees including a Bachelor of Economics, and a Masters of Business Administration from Adelaide University.

John knows the current annual immigration intake of more than 200,000 is well above the long-term historic average of 70,000 each year. As someone trained in economics, John is appalled at the waste that results from unsustainable population growth. John suggests if Australians weren’t paying high property prices, savings could be better spent on starting new businesses, generating jobs, including in manufacturing which he believes has been given away by the Big Parties.

John is also President of the ACT Council of Parents and Citizens Associations where he is an advocate to government for effective and efficient public schooling in the ACT. When he is not asking for the vote for a Sustainable Australia, John enjoys riding his bike through the countryside, and life with his wife and daughter.

Martin Tye, ACT Senate Candidate


Martin is a small business owner who has been running successful operations in the music, movie and book retail sector, as well as takeaway food and event organisation in the ACT for more than 30 years. He is passionate about advancing the small business sector, but not at the expense of a sustainable natural environment.

Earlier in his working life, Martin held down labouring jobs before his small business career took off. He was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Applied Geography from the University of Canberra.

Martin is passionate about opportunities for his two sons and more widely, young adults throughout Australia, to have their chance to carve a satisfying professional and personal life that leaves Australia in a better not bigger state for future generations. When he is not asking for the vote for a Sustainable Australia, Martin enjoys surfing, water polo and travel.