Established as an independent party from the common-sense political centre, we aim to secure an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable Australia.

To meet our aims, we have developed a comprehensive policy platform, including the following policy priorities:

  • Secure jobs
  • Affordable housing
  • Better planning
  • A sustainable environment and population

Sustainable Australia is a federally registered party, and we are also registered for State/Territory elections in the ACT and NSW. In June 2018 we applied for registration for VIC State elections (decision due in August). This will be followed by other states in 2019+.

> NSW Election (23 March 2019)

  • Legislative Assembly (Lower House local seat)
  • Legislative Council (Upper House state-wide)


> Federal election (date TBC - likely May 2019)

  • House of Representatives - all states and territories
  • Senate - all states and territories


Application process

Successful candidates must be federal members of our party and demonstrate:

  • A commitment to our party core values: CLICK HERE
  • A full understanding of our key messages and current (20+) policy suite: CLICK HERE

We also regard the following criteria as relevant:

  • A demonstrated commitment to the party, including involvement in our grassroots campaign activities inlcuding monthly meet-ups
  • A full understanding of our policies, particularly our four key policy priorities
  • Strong interpersonal and public communication skills
  • The ability and discipline to communicate our key messages
  • Local, state and/or national community involvement and/or profile
  • Residence in, and/or a strong connection to, the electorate
  • A positive and constructive attitude
  • Ability to work well in a team
  • A record of integrity and reliability
  • Fundraising capacity including nomination fees

To express interest in candidature, please contact us by email through our website 'Contact Us' page (link at bottom).

In your initial contact, please nominate your State and/or Federal electorate preference(s) and summarise in under 200 words why you would be an appropriate candidate to represent Sustainable Australia. This initial review with our follow-up communication will determine whether you will progress to receiving our official application form.

You must be a member of our party (and no other party) before receiving the application form. Join here.

Contributions to costs

Minor parties require funding from candidates to help cover costs (Note: Some minor parties charge $1000 application fee and $20,000 in campaign costs).

Candidates are expected to contribute financially as follows:

  • Candidate application fee - $250
  • Election campaign contribution - $5,000+
    • $5,000 covers the generic package including standard letterbox flyers, corflute signs, t-shirts, how to vote cards, media training, nomination fee and HQ liaison throughout the campaign.

Fundraising is an important political skill. Potential candidates can either self-fund, or seek funding online ('go fund me' website, social media, etc), family, friends, etc.

Candidates that achieve a primary vote of 4 per cent or more will have their nomination fee refunded.

200 word nomination EOI

Nominate yourself via an 'expression of interest' through the Contact Us page: CLICK HERE