Established as an independent party from the common-sense political centre, we aim to secure an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable Australia.

To meet our aims, we have developed a comprehensive policy platform, including the following policy priorities:

  • Secure jobs
  • Affordable housing
  • Better planning
  • A sustainable environment and population

We are federally registered (for federal elections and by-elections), and also registered for State/Territory elections in the ACT and NSW. In June/July 2018 we will register for VIC State elections, followed by other states in 2019+.


As of May 2018, we are calling for nominations for the following federal and state electorates:

> Federal by-elections (date TBC in June/July 2018):

  • Braddon (TAS)
  • Fremantle (WA)
  • Longman (QLD)
  • Mayo (SA)
  • Perth (WA)


NB: These by-elections will mainly be a party brand awareness exercise (through the ballot paper and online media) with limited campaign activity. We encourage interested federal Senate candidates to enquire about the by-election in your state, even if you do not live in that local area (electorate).

> Federal election (date TBC in 2018/19)

  • House of Representatives - all states and territories
  • Senate - all states and territories


> Victorian election (24 November 2018)

  • Legislative Assembly
  • Legislative Council


> NSW Election (23 March 2019)

  • Legislative Assembly
  • Legislative Council


Application process

Successful candidates must be federal members of our party and demonstrate:

  • A commitment to our party core values: CLICK HERE
  • A full understanding of our key messages and current (20+) policy suite: CLICK HERE

We also regard the following criteria as relevant:

  • A demonstrated commitment to the party, including involvement in our grassroots campaign activities and monthly meet-ups
  • A full understanding of our policies, particularly our four key policy priorities
  • Strong interpersonal and public communication skills
  • The ability and discipline to communicate our key messages
  • Local, state and/or national community involvement and/or profile
  • Residence in, and/or a strong connection to, the electorate
  • A positive and constructive attitude
  • Ability to work well in a team
  • A record of integrity and reliability
  • Fundraising capacity including nomination fees


To express interest in candidature, please contact us by email through our website 'Contact Us' page. In your initial contact, please nominate your State and/or Federal electorate preference(s) and summarise in under 200 words why you would be an appropriate candidate to represent Sustainable Australia. This initial review with our follow-up communication will determine whether you will progress to receiving our official application form.

You must be a member of our party (and no other party) before receiving the application form. Join here.

Minor parties require funding from candidates to help cover costs (Note: Some minor parties charge $1000 application fee and $20,000 in campaign costs).

Candidates are expected to contribute financially as follows:

  • Nomination application fee - $250
  • Election nomination fees (e.g. $100-$1000 for State/Territory upper and lower house seats, $1000 for federal lower house seats, $2,000 for federal Senate)
  • Campaign costs (minimum $1,500 for a basic package including design, printing, flyers, signage, t-shirts)

Fundraising is an important political skill. Potential candidates can either self-fund, or seek funding online ('go fund me' website, social media, etc), family, friends, etc.

Candidates that achieve a primary vote of 4 per cent or more will have their nomination fee refunded.

Contact Us: CLICK HERE