It is vital to recognise that: a) Our gradual ageing does not necessarily lead to lower workforce participation or higher welfare burdens, and therefore does not justify policies to produce higher immigration or a higher fertility rate(1); and (b) Immigration and a higher fertility rate have, at best, a small and temporary impact on the age structure of the population.(2)

Better respect our senior citizens, continue to aspire to be a gradually ageing population, and celebrate this increasing life expectancy as a sign of a successful and sustainable society.

Policy Methods (Federal and State)
To help achieve this Sustainable Australia Party will:

  • Better facilitate and celebrate the unpaid community contributions of all citizens, particularly older citizens, who make a significant contribution to national wealth and wellbeing.
  • Develop better quality aged, community and home care facilities and standards.


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  2. The Productivity Commission has stated clearly that immigration cannot make any significant or lasting impact on population ageing: “Substantial increases in the level of migration would have only modest effects on population ageing and the impacts would be temporary, since immigrants themselves age.”

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