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Sustainable Australia (ACT)

On 28 June 2016 Sustainable Australia successfully registered for ACT elections. This was Sustainable Australia's first State/Territory party election.

ACT residents that join our federal party automatically become members of our ACT party.

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Standard Federal and State policies supported by Sustainable Australia (ACT) are outlined in our main Policies page.


Further policies specific to the ACT are as follows:

- Increase Community Council funding in order to provide stronger and more diverse local community representation to members of the Legislative Assembly on issues such as planning, environment and education

- Protect kangaroos in Canberra's nature reserves through the implementation of science-based contraception methods

  • In principal we are opposed to kangaroo culling, until we fully review the science and understand the human impacts on our environment and its flow on impacts on kangaroos

- Support the current ACT Gvernment's aim for 100% renewable energy by 2020

- Seek better Federal Parliament representation in the Senate, by increasing the number of Senate seats from two to four

  • By comparison, Tasmania with around 500,000 people has 12 seats in the Senate

- Prohibit the expansion of poker machine numbers

- Restore the National Capital Authority with a genuinely independent mandate, including a strengthened National Capital Plan so as to protect Canberra’s unique setting and environment

- Restore the ACT Planning and Land Authority with a genuinely independent mandate

- Support a strong public service and public sector, and an end to ideologically-driven outsourcing and asset sales

- Minimise rate rises, linking rate rises to the CPI

- Support the implementation of a rapid bus transit system (ideally electric) for Canberra

  • We strongly support public transport, and prefer a rapid bus transit system (ideally electric) over Canberra’s light rail system. Reasons include: The light rail is too expensive and inflexible, benefits too few people relative to its cost (which is double that of the rapid bus transit according to the Grattan Institute), puts significant upward pressure on rates and taxes, and is a Trojan horse for massive overdevelopment along the route(s).

- Support green waste collection and hard rubbish waste collection systems.

See our full federal/state policy platform: CLICK HERE

Authorised by John Haydon for Sustainable Australia (ACT).

Our 2017/18 ACT committee consists of John Haydon (President and Treasurer), Geoff Buckmaster (Vice President and Secretary), Lindsay Penrose (Ordinary Committee Member).

ACT Constitution: CLICK HERE