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Sustainable Australia Party is an independent community movement with a science and evidence-based policy platform. Not left. Not right.

We are the only political movement to put our environment first - and therefore our health, economy and quality of life.

Justin Thomas for Hornsby

For a fair and sustainable Australia

Justin has lived on Sydney's North Shore for many years and now resides in Berowra with his partner and two young children. After completing high school at Kincumber High School, he went on to complete a Bachelor of Commerce at Newcastle University. Like many others, he began commuting from the Central Coast to Sydney to work, in his case in Corporate Accounting and Business Administration, completing professional studies and qualifications along the way before moving to Sydney.

In his spare time, Justin has been a long time participant and follower of local rugby union, reading non-fiction books (political economy, history, etc), and spending time with his family. As a parent of two small children, one of whom is autistic, Justin has a particular interest in educational resources and facilities to allow people to achieve their potential.

Justin has a strong desire for better focussed public policy. He believes that our environment underpins our wellbeing, so putting our environment first means putting our economy, family, future generations and basic needs first. He believes that the big four parties' focus on rapid population growth - and associated overdevelopment - is detracting from public services, and other economic opportunities and imperatives.

Justin is very concerned about the cost-of-living crisis facing many Australians. In particular, the housing crisis is mainly driven by government-engineered hyper-demand for housing, including through tax concessions for wealthy property investors, foreign buyers and record high levels of immigration. If elected, Justin would strongly advocate to moderate all of these issues, as well as push for more public housing.

Electorate of Hornsby

See the electorate district information here.

Download the electorate map here.

Campaign issues and policies

In the 2024 Hornsby by-election, Justin Thomas is campaigning to put our environment first.

Justin is also very concerned about the cost of living crisis, the housing crisis, overdevelopment and corruption. Local policies are outlined below:

Put our environment first

  • Preserve and enhance our beautiful outdoor spaces including our parks, bushland and river areas.
  • Take real action on climate change at a local level, including stronger laws to prevent inappropriate land and tree-clearing.
  • Adopt a biodiversity and native species program including land and marine animal habitat protection.
  • Aim for a zero waste outcome by reducing then eliminating local waste production and increasing recycling and repair capabilities, including through the establishment of local repair cafes.
  • Support sustainable transport initiatives including:
    • Better and cheaper public transport solutions. This would ease congestion and improve local travel times, as well as take car journeys off the road.
    • Better and safer bicycle networks including a fully connected network throughout the area.
    • Better and safer pedestrian infrastructure, including better lighting in parks, lanes and other walkways.

Stop corruption (and increase transparency)

  • Adopt more transparent reporting of political lobbying and all financial contributions, including the requirement for politicians to declare any non-personal time they spend with registered lobbyists and property developers.
  • Campaign to ban all property developer donations and contributions to political parties and all candidates - including at federal level, which is often used to support state or local government candidates.

Stop overdevelopment

  • Return real planning power to local communities through proper engagement, including through local community-driven citizen juries - rather than state government property industry appointees on so-called 'independent planning panels'.
  • Deliver new community infrastructure before more housing density is approved (including new schools, hospitals, public transport, roads, recreational and sporting facilities, green space, etc).
  • Ensure that planning changes protect Hornsby's environment, heritage and local liveability (e.g. access to direct sunlight, scenic views and open space).

Stabilise Australia's population size

  • Advocate for a return to the normal level of immigration, being around the still generous level of 70,000 p.a.

And much more, including:

Affordable housing for all Australians

Housing is our biggest cost of living. See Housing Affordability policies

SAP's full policy platform can be found here:


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How to vote SAP (preferences)

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