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Polling place volunteering is very rewarding. You are standing up for your convictions and supporting something you believe in – a Sustainable Australia with secure jobs, affordable housing, better planning, and a sustainable environment and population.

As a volunteer for Sustainable Australia you’ll need enthusiasm, energy and a smile. You’ll be promoting the party, its policies and its candidates.

Over 1 in 10 voters decide who to vote for on the day of the election. That's why it's so important to have a presence at the polling place!

There are a few things to be aware of re polling place regulations. Most notably, by law, you are required to stand no closer than 6 metres from the entrance to the polling booth. The entrance is often the front door to the school, hall, etc. But if in doubt please ask the AEC polling place official to clarify this for you.

Take the time to read our policies on our website, so you can answer any basic questions.


Polls open at 8am and close at 6pm

We have two shifts (always arrive 15+ minutes early):

  • AM: 8am-1pm
  • PM: 1pm - 6pm

We particularly need people to fill the all-important morning shift (8am-1pm).

Arrive early (by around 7:45) as voters will be arriving before then to line up and vote at 8am. Start by offering everyone in the line a Sustainable Australia how-to-vote (HTV) card.

Join the polling place 'pack' at the main entrance.

Smile and say hello/g’day/good morning/etc to voters if you get the chance.

When offering our HTV card you, at a minimum you should say:

“Sustainable Australia" or "Sustainable” (depending on how much time you have).

If they decline to take a leaflet or how-to-vote card smile and nicely say “have a good day”.

There may be some voters who are rude, but we still have to be warm and pleasant to them, don’t take it personally. Don’t allow such people to take up your precious time and lose the potential to hand out HTV cards – simply smile and offer a HTV card which helps explain what we really stand for. If they are not interested, simply smile and/or say “have a good day”.

If voters ask about preferences, the key point to make is that we recommend voters allocate their own preferences after they 'Vote 1 Sustainable Australia'.

You are representing Sustainable Australia. Always be respectful of voters and volunteers from other parties. Do not offer your personal views on policies or issues - simply promote our official policies. If you do not know the answer to a policy question - just say that you do not know, but that all of our policies are on our website.

Note: Take your Sustainable Australia t-shirt, sunscreen, hat, jacket, umbrella, chair, water, snacks/lunch, HTV cards, and any party signage you have. Most importantly, please enjoy this interesting experience that helps build our collective political skills.

Thank you!

To volunteer: CLICK HERE (and mention 'polling place')

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    I have found from volunteering at polling booths are previous elections that there is a surprisingly nice level of camaraderie between volunteers from different parties. It’s like a little club with diverse membership, with the sense that everyone in it is pitching in for the election. Apart from the occasional Greens volunteer wanting to know why we don’t just vote for them, political views aren’t discussed.