New South Wales

Sustainable Australia (NSW)

Sustainable Australia is launching a NSW party in 2017, to contest the state election on 23 March 2019.



By far the best chance for the party to gain a Parliamentary seat in the next election cycle is the NSW State election.

The quota for a NSW Upper House (Legislative Council) seat is 4.5% of the State vote. By comparison, it is 14.3% for the Senate in Federal Parliament. A party will likely win the last seat if it gets half a quota on first preferences, around 2-2.5% of the vote.

We will achieve this if we get registered.

Please join today - we are offering free membership for a short time only!


Sustainable Australia (NSW) will be campaigning on secure jobs, affordable housing, better planning and a sustainable environment. Sustainable Australia is the only party to offer the choice of a 'Better, not bigger' Australia including a clear policy to end our Liberal/Labor/Greens-engineered rapid population growth. More policy detail here.

To achieve NSW State registration and contest the March 2019 election, we need to lodge our application - with over 750 NSW members - 18 months ahead (by October 2017) due to strict party registration guidelines.

Importantly, the Australian Electoral Commission (covering Federal elections) and the NSW Electoral Commission (covering State elections) are separate bodies and require separate application processes!

Join Sustainable Australia (NSW)


There are two membership options for new members (existing federal party members should only complete the manual form, being Option 2, Step 2)...


> Option 1: Join only the NSW party - Sustainable Australia (NSW) 

We are offering free membership to the NSW party. NSW membership lasts until 30/06/19, unless you resign or join the federal party before then.

You simply need to download, print, complete and return (by email or post) the NSW membership form:

Please ensure you write the party name as 'Sustainable Australia (NSW)'.


> Option 2: Join the federal party - Sustainable Australia

Any NSW citizen that joins our Federal party (with full federal membership benefits) automatically becomes a member of our NSW State party. Joining fee applies. Membership lasts until you resign.

However, we have a two step process.

Step 1: Complete the Federal party application form online:

Step 2: Download, print, complete and return (by email or post) the NSW membership form:

NB: In step 2, please ensure you clearly write your full legal name and details, as well as the party name exactly as:

Sustainable Australia (NSW)


Then, post the form asap to:

Sustainable Australia (NSW)
PO Box 575
Crows Nest NSW 1585

Or, email the form to:

nsw (at) SustainableAustralia (dot) org (dot) au



Why is the manual NSW membership form required? This is a requirement of the NSW Electoral Commission to demonstrate that you are a genuine member (one of 750+ in NSW) for State election registration.


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